Mild-Mannered Jalapeños

Handmade in small batches. You get the jalapeño flavor but not all the heat. There are many uses for the  Mild-Mannered Jalapeños some of which I mentioned below.

  • Excellent in grilled cheese
  • Good with any sandwich & burgers
  • Chop up for salads or topping for cheese & crackers
  • Eat straight out of the jar
  • Use the brine for marinades or salad dressing

Sassy Carrots

Also handmade in small batches. The heat comes from the Serrano Pepper. Left as sticks so you can leave the jar out for yourself or at a party. 

  • Eat straight out of the jar
  • Good with sandwiches
  • Use as a side dish Chop up for salads and coleslaw
  • Use the brine for marinades or salad dressing

Candied Jalapeños

Interesting flavor, a mix between spicy and sweet, to use in backed goods or while grilling.  Put out  for parties besides the cheese and or meat.

  • Topping for cheese & crackers and other appetizers
  • Add to sauces and marinades
  • Bake in cornbread or brownies
  • Use brine in cocktails & other drinks

Sugar & Spice Syrup

Sweet and spicy flavor with a hint of Jalapeños. Enhance the flavor of drinks, add as spice to a salad, use when grilling or making Asian dishes.

  • Add to marinades and  sauces
  • Mix with cream cheese & spread on crackers or baguette
  • Add to salad dressing for a fiery kick
  • Use in cocktails
  • Mix with melted butter & drizzle over popcorn.

Mild Yet Wild Garlic Scapes

Light Garlic Flavor with a hint of black pepper flavor.  Good for many uses in Asian style cocking or for appetizers.

  • Add to salad
  • Slice them into small pieces and add to an omelette
  • Eat them out of the jar
  • Use the liquid for marinating
  • Add to a cheese platter
  • Slice and add to stir-fries or use as pizza topping