Markus, the head of Pickled Heads, grew up on his family’s winery in Germany. In addition to attending the vineyard, his mother and grandaunts pickled many different vegetables to add to family meals.

Markus started pickling for fun some years back, and the volume and ingredients list soon grew. There were trials and errors along the way, but he definitely had the family talent. Markus soon quit his day job to jump full time into the pickling business.

Much like a craft brewer, Markus is a craft pickler, always experimenting with flavors and only putting the best out to market. As Pickled Heads grows, so too will our pickled produce.

Produce Control

Meet Allie! She’s our top taste tester and produce control dog. 🙂

Think it’s funny that a dog is our taste tester? Not to this dog. She’s got a nose for choosing only the best of the best. (We do keep the spicy pickles away from her, though.)

As soon her very sensitive ears pick up the sound of a pickle jar opening, she races to the kitchen to make sure that she is not forgotten in the distribution of the goodies.